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Butterflies and Moths

Scarce Swallowtail

Scarce Swallowtail

I often claim to be an eclectic photographer in that I will photograph anything from wildlife to abandoned vehicles. This has never been so true since my long suffering wife, Tricia and I moved to Corfu, a Greek island in the Ionian from our native UK. We now find ourselves living on the side of a mountain with panoramic views over Albania and northern Greece. The seasons are different and the light is brighter. Weather can range from below freezing to over 40°C.

Flora and fauna are, in many cases, different. It is not unusual for us to encounter snakes or tortoises on our land. We are privileged to see quite a different array of birds to that which we encountered in the London suburbs. Buzzards and owls are commonplace. However today, I want to concentrate on something far smaller … butterflies and moths. With the exception of photographing Hummingbird Hawk moths, this post relates mainly to butterflies.

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