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Polarr Image Editor

Oh No! Not Another Photo Editor!

We all like something for free don’t we? Here’s a photo editor with a difference in that it runs inside Firefox or Chrome browsers as well as having versions that run on Android and iOS. Already I can here groans from those that think that running over the web means that it is going to be really slow. Trust me when I say that it is remarkably quick! I have been running it on both a Linux laptop (64bit) and a Windows 7 64bit machine and so far, it functions flawlessly.

Who is this Aimed AT?

My impression is that this is aimed at the hobbyist who may be unwilling or unable to pay out for some of the more heavyweight photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom®. Those who are familiar with Lightroom will immediately feel at home with this application. Some of the terminology is slightly different but only slightly. It is worth mentioning at this point that although there is no manual per se, it is very intuitive and there is a very useful list of explanations for all the terminology that such software is invariably steeped in. This is available by hitting the Link at the top right marked ‘Information’.

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LightZone – A Very Capable and Free Photo Editor For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Lightzone is a very capable opensource image editor which runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X operating systems. Read about my first impressions.

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